Wednesday, April 29, 2009

News Update. Yes just boring texts here :D


Initially when I put a hit counter it's just 'I have it too' thingy.. but I know not many people but only very few of my close friends knew about it (because I told them). But I got suspicious when the counter starts to increase when even I was not logging in for a while. When the increments got higher than I expected, I installed 'webseomaster' just to see where are the visitors are coming from. Now I know where.. But I am curious, do they found what they're searching for, as I knew the search engines brought them here. Since there's no 'hello' note or other messages, I guess they could be just 'hit and run' visitors? :D

Some projects coming up.
  1. Sent email to Akita, the guy who made the VSPS board locally. I ordered 2 boards and 2 bags of 'goodies'.. but that was like last week. No replies from him.yet.
  2. These two boards is for an 'enhanced' version of the standard VSPS which I bought earlier on. A good performer which I think can have some improvements with 'better' components.. We'll see how it goes.. Hehehe ;) I ordered two as one is for a fellow forumer at LYN.
  3. I have not started the 'Dusk Switch' Kit which I bought like 3 weeks ago... Why? No specific reasons.. just that 'I'm not in the mood'..
  4. Someone wanted to sell a GALE floorstander. In the 80's I can barely recalled that they made good speakers.. They're still in business I think, as the website is available. Am thinking of where to put those floorstander if I were to acquire them as I have a set right now (TDL Electronic's RTL3) as my main (and only) transducer...
  5. Found an amp kit that uses STK4392 hybrid chip. Have checked the specifications, which is NOT bad. Thinking about giving it to Junior. He messed up the T-Amp that I gave him.. Shorted the power cables... Have not bought this yet.. Still considering.

Thats it fer now... ;) Have a great day ahead guys!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Technics SL-2000- Finally, YES!

A picture tells a thousand words they say, and what does the above picture tells you? Yep, I got the SL-2000 spinning and singing again, yeay!

Replaced the blown fuse with an 850mA one in liew of the original 400mA. Some repositioning of loose wiring and voila! It spins! I couldn't believe my eyes (and my luck!!)
To make the Tt useable and for testing purposes, I had to 'borrow' the headshell from my Pioneer DirectDrive Tt with the Ortofon OM10 Super cartridge... after realignment of the cartridge carried out and balance weight adjusted at about 1.5 g, lo and behold... I swear it sounded better than my Pioneer DD Tt! Stereo separation and staging, depth and most of all the PRaT is very apparent!
More listening sessions to do... In the mean time, I got a 'new' toy to play... ;)

Friday, April 17, 2009

Technics SL-2000 : A wee bit progress; PSU

The suspicious 400mA fuse removed for closer inpection.

Checked out the power supply board. Generally everything looks pretty good. No shorts or burnt marks.. No leaking or bloated caps.. resistors still visually acceptable...
One of the quickblow fuse (400mA) looks suspicious. Supposed to be clear and the glass casing looks cloudy.. closer inspection after removal revealed that it's blown. I have a 315mA spare, put it in and rotated the rotary power switch to ON, it did worked for a short while (the motor spindle spins!) then it blew! Aaarghhh! sux!

2 things came to mind:
1. fuse rating too low
2. fearing the worst: something seriously wrong with circuits downstream of the fuse.

Need to get 400mA fuse or higher rating...

stay tune...

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Technics SL-2000 - More progress

Shown here is the exposed area where the power/speed select rotary switch is located with the 33 & 45 speed adjust is alsolocated. See those pots?

I bet you saw that too,yup, those little eggs are empty shells of lizards eggs.. found quite a handful inside.. have been there for a long time I'm sure!

The good news is, this part of the board looks good. Can't fault anything here just yet. The switch and the pots operates flawlessly, for a 30+ years Tt that is!.. Now have to check the power supply board and later the motor and control circuits...

Till then...

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Technics SL-2000- Progress

Did this very late last night..more like close to midnight!
I had a 'brain wave' on how to troubleshoot the platter/motor not running/turning.
Removing the lower panel is no big deal... here's what the innards looked like..
Firstly had to look at the power supply. Not that it is not working, but the neon strobe was ON even the rotary power/speed select switch is in OFF...
Managed to download the service manual from vinylengine, thank God! The Tt came with the original User Manual, which is of no help in this case...
Will update with the development soon..
Now looking for a headshell for this Tt... Definitely need one when this beauty spins! ;)

Monday, April 13, 2009

The new Tt:Technics SL-2000

Yup. The 'new' Tt that I just acquired is the very first Direct-Drive turntable made by Technics.. circa 1974/75! This was given to me by a senior forumer.. According to him, this Tt has not been operated for about 30 years! OMG!

True enough, when I got home seeing the condition is pretty good, in fact it's excellent!

I plugged it in, it lighted up but it would not spin... well it least, there is power! ;)

Need more time to look inside, esp. the electronic board.. hopefully it is still 'salvageable'... otherwise.. may need to 'mod' it...

Note: The pic is not the actual Tt.. Will take some later.. :P

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Some updates... ;)

It's been a while, I know!
What's brewing:

1. I am about to acquire a Tt(Turntable) which I will not reveal until I have itin my lap in about an hour time! Need to do some work there for sure.. a 70's model! Unsure the working condition of it. Hopefully nothing will 'blow up' when I am powering it later...
2. Bought a 'small' kit, not audio related but heck, it's DIY anyway. Will do that later I hope.
3. An old request from a buddy forummer who wants me to enhance the stock VSPS kit.
I have bought one stock version and it's one heck of a performer! With a 'new' Tt.. my 4th.. currently and the 5th. my my whole life purchases.. I need to 'up' the ante, so to speak..

So.. watch this space... hopefully some lovely pix may be posted!

Have a great sunday ahead! I know I will, immensely!