Friday, November 13, 2009

The CD transport casing project

 As I earlier mention, this is what the project is all about:

The CDROM is placed to show the relative size of the boards...
On the left is the perspex/acrylic sheet,on the right a wooden HD chipboard.. I think! :D 

This is the CD transport current temporary housing.. made of cheap/thin plywood.. about 1/8" thickness..

The back of the transport housing showing the connections, etc..

This is the PSU for the above. An SMPS(12VDC) and a small 5VDC regulator.
Will definitely need to housed this together in the intended casing/housing..

Monday, November 2, 2009

It's been awhile...

Yeah.. I know.. my apologies for not only updating this blog, but I haven't any much time lately for any DIY!
Finishing up my work for the final month before moving on to a new place, job, position. Hopefully more time is in store for DIY ;)

Have bought an clear acrylic and a 'high' density chip board for the intentions of making a 'proper' casing for my CD transport.. current installed in a wooden casing for testing purposes... testing period has long gone, performance was exemplary for the amount of money paid.. time to give it a real 'DIY' look... errr what ever it is... LOL.

Stay tune folks.. have a great week ahead...