Monday, January 17, 2011

DIY CD Transport in a new casing..

It has been a while since I last post!

Had a few projects completed by not much time to update.

Acquired a Harman Kardon HD7225A that is not working anymore and suddenly remembered that my DIY CD Transport is badly needing a new case! Spent about 2 hours 'transplanting' the HK's innards with the DIY stuffs... Here's some of the work done:

 Top cover removed. Just a mainboard and transport mechanism. Hoping to use the existing transformer/power supply with the DIYed transport but...

 The transformer was 'built' into the mainboard with all the necessary rectifying circuits and regulation.. hmmm

 Transport mechanism removed! Several screws and quick disconnect cables..

 Front fascia removed too! Thought of using my own panel but later changed my mind. Too much work and I'd rather preserved the HK's look..

 Two major assenblies out of the casing, placed on the top cover.

 Top cover reinstalled to measure front fascia dimensions..
(This is before I change my mind..)

 The CDROM positioned to check for cd tray clearances..

 First power up, to check the new display from the CDROM controller.

 Whats inside. Just the CDROM, CD Controller and the 12V/5V power supply. This is temporary. Will install a linear PSU.

 Close up of the CDROM controller and the IDE cable connecting to the CDROM.

 Testing the transport, digital signal feeding the Behringer Ultramatch Pro DAC.
So far superb! Will finalise the work next weekend. ;)