Sunday, February 15, 2009

SOAP - Simple OpAmp Pre

The almost complete kit. Observe that the tranny is bought from NIXIE! RM35 for a 15-0-15 tranny. Not bad.

Top view of the board...

Finally! Getting -15V after having difficulty with the trimmer. Whew!

Pix above shows before I start my 'magic' touch... hehe


A friend drop by to help him finish up his project.

Basically I need to connect the transformer to the board and adjust the trimmer on the voltage regulator to get 15V. He dare not do it in fear of exploding caps! Hehehe..

Had trouble adjusting the LH trimmer.. desolder it and install it back to the board, still unable to trim. Decided to put it slight pressure to the screw and VOILA! It works... Mind you this is NOT JP stuffs! Bought from FARNELL mind you!

He plans to use it with his GainClone amp that is i n progress..

Here are some pics...

Friday, February 13, 2009

Sitting and sounding pretty- The STK amp

Here's where the STK amp find itself among my AV setup.

On top of the Technics amp! Above it is the Technics tuner. When I got bored with the TT and the CDs.. refreshing music off the air! ;) Oh yeah.. the audio from the DVD player and the LCD TV also plays through the STK amp!

The BEST IS YET TO COME: STK amplifier kit.

Currently this sits on top of my list! The SQ is awesome eventhough conservatively rated at 25W per channel.. Beat the the daylights out of my T-Amp(TA2024) for it's musicality, and my reference amp (Technics SU-A900 Mk2) for control...

VSPS-Final modification.

Eventhough the VSPS performed sonically well, visually it's kinda dull especially at night, so I include a small diffused lens blue LED on the front panel.. now it looks rather 'cool' ;)


The PSU for the VSPS is terribly simple unit just requiring non-regulated dual rail 12VDC, since the VSPS has onboard regulators.. thanks rjm!

I made the PSU as 'cheap' as possible because it's going to be 'out of sight' anyway. Here is the VSPS sitting on top of the PSU..

VSPS- The Very Simple Phono Stage

Don't let the 'simple' part fools you. This is a great kit to build, and sounds EXCELLENT for the money invested. Highly recommended, my personal 5 stars rating! Here's some pix to show off ;)

Sunday, February 8, 2009

DIY goodies

Received these 'goodies' in the form of toroid trannies and MUR860 diodes. Some are for the GainClone project and some are for a discrete 100W/Channel amp..

Thanks Gabanyayaya for bringing it over.. Will update on these projects later (much much later!) ;)