Friday, December 14, 2007

Det'nator - Update 2

Front panel in fabrication stage.. will be superb! Mark my word..

Pre-amp.. just got all the semiconductors. Had to redesign a new one. Current one, NOT happy with the little 'hiss' that I detected.. Currently have at least 3 different designs. Have to assemble /build each one and test...

BOMB II- already have the parts. Need to design the board. 100-150 Watts! Should make MaDZiZ happy... this could end up as MONOBLOCKS... urghhh the temptations..

Found a super-duper totally discrete buffer circuitary! Have bought all the parts, have to start designing the board/layout.. haih.. so much to do.. so little time!

Monday, December 3, 2007

Det'nator-Update 1

After much thought, I decided to scrapped the current preamp circuitary. I am simply NOT satisfied with its performance. Not that it is NOT good but I believe d'BOMB requires a better performance/higher quality preamp... more research to be done here! The keyword here is simplicity yet high performance.. tall order huh?

Have found some basic designs which I need to go through and pending availability of parts, need to assemble the unit and do some preliminary testings.. looks like the project gonna be slightly delayed.. all for good reasons! Hope the customer understands..

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Current project: Det'nator

Current in the assembly (laying out the board and transformers).

The Det'nator is actually an integrated amplifier, d'Bomb and d'Fuse(preamp).

I have got all the necessary hardware for it except some tools which I require at some satge of the process.. listening tests had been done with the prospective buyer. He liked it, I liked it too! I may have to build one myself! Certainly beat the heck out of my Technics!
The BOMB now resides in a proper casing, before it was resting on a plank! I managed to get a reasonably priced black casing from JP. The FUSE (preamp) is a new inclusion. It costs more than the BOMB! It came with tone control and loudness but I have bypassed all the unnecessary circuitaries.. we audiophiles like playing 'flat' right?
Initial spec of BOMB requires the use of a 4A transformer but after extended listening tests, I decided to settle with a 3A one as it's already very LOUD when driven at high volume! I can't believe that it is only rated 40W+40W! 4A tests offers no audible sonic improvement. Further more, the 4A transformer is BIG and HEAVY that will require unnecessary bigger casing, it is also more expensive!

After much thought, the front panel will have a gold volume control with an LED light position indicator.Have NOT decided with the colour, will have to experiment. The main power on LED will be WHITE as requested by the customer. Personally I like orange/amber which I used on d'DAC. It 'glows' in the dark... Wanna stay away from blue as almost everything that now came especially from China have blue LEDs.. It's the craze now I guess...
The main switch will be installed at the back together with the RCA inputs and speakers binding/banana posts.The IEC socket now come with buildin fuse.

The medium size 'transformer' is actually a suppressor, to minimise mains interference. So far it looks (and sounds)good. Can't wait for completed assembly before commencing burn in/further listening tests...

Watchout for updates!