Wednesday, June 17, 2009

History of my speakers - Part II

Next come the B&W DM23.
It was on sale at Peat's Electronics.. Having checked that it actually cheaper that the UK price equivalent, I grabbed the chance. Either it's on sale or wrong price tag placed(happened before on some other items). It was the only pair at the shop! Owning the B&W is like owning a BMW! I was kinda proud of achieving such a 'high' audio standard with this speakers.. Compared to the 'tiny' Ditton 100, this speaker is really monsterous! So is the sound!

I have heard and tested other British made speakers, not that they are not good, they somewhat did not satisfied my 'taste'... I did found another pair later but let's keep that for part III! ;)

The Ditton 100 was sold to a friend for a mere 40 Irish pounds.. (I got it for 80 pounds)
With 3 way crossover network and 'huge' bass driver and a bass reflex port, I could give the Celef Studio One a run for the money! (The Celef was only a 2 way speaker but with infinite baffle design) I would blast away on sundays until my amp was really hot that I could fry an egg on it.. well not fry but enough to warm my hands in winter...! :D
Still a 'bookshelf' albeit it's size, it needs a proper stand to realise it's full potential. I made my own DIY stand for it now it sings like never before.. the bass was 'delicious' with vocals and highs superb to my likings... I was in bliss for the time being.
By this time I have already upgraded by turntable to Dunlop Systemdek II, with an AT30e MC cartridge. The amp have been 'upgraded' to Technics SU-V4K bought 'cheaply' from a friend who got it from Singapore...

As happy as I am, still something is still 'missing' which I could not put my finger on.. I live on this setup for about a year until...

Note: again the pix is not of the actual speakers owned by me but from a website.. ;)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

History of my speakers - Part I

Some update is better that no updates, right?

My very first speakers bought was the Celestion Ditton 100.
'Tiny' bookshelves that was driven by the infamous NAD3020. Who would not owned a NAD during that time? ;)
Source was a Technics SL-D2 direct drive TT and a Technics RS-M215 cassette deck.
Year: 1980-81

Quite serve the purpose being the low end range of the Ditton series. I was only a student back then and was living on a scholarship of an equivalent of 260 Irish pounds a month!
Definitely no earth shattering bass.. mid especially the vocals was okay. It suits the 'budget' system..
Since I am a 'bass head' this good set was soon replaced because I was 'upset'as my room mate was blasting away with his Celef Studio One.. the bass was really 'earth shattering' and I was terribly envious....

Note: The picture above is not the actual speakers owned by me. This one was taken from ebay.. ;)

Saturday, June 6, 2009

VSPS - disassembly

Empty! Well almost. Ready for the next 'transplant'. Planning to work with the PSU today... Will update soon..

Close up of the blue LED power light arrangement.. This is going to stay put.

Out of the casing with signal cables desoldered...

Shown here, the cover removed. Kinda 'sad' to remove a good performing component but it's going to a new home. A forumer bought the board to replace his onboard phono preamp which was not 'working' properly...

Some work done awhile ago.
Removed the original VSPS version for a next board 'upgrade'.