Saturday, May 24, 2008

TT upgrade update

Whew! Finally, I'd consider it completed! Only cosmetic touch up to be done.
Basically the plinth has been reinforced, the OEM signal cable has been replaced with a pair of output RCA sockets for which I can properly use an 'audio quality' RCA cable to connect to the amp(phono) input.
Whats left? Isolation 'feet' to be installed. Couldn't decide to use rubber or metallic cone.. will have to do some serious auditioning at night if there would be any differences at all!
Last night initial listening I do detect a more solid imaging to the sound stage.. how much does this 'mod' cost me? Few ringgit! The only costly thing that I bought to complete the work is a portable/battery operated multispeed drill..
Now that my TT is given a new 'life' I am itching to build a phono(RIAA) preamp. A module that would complement the D'Bomb or the Det'nator...
Sorry folks no pics at this point of time, will update later. Now can concentrate on the Det'nator (GBY's) and D'Phone (MDZ's) hehehe..
Have a great weekend guys! I know I would.. ;)

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Minor Project -TT upgrade update..

Have almost completed the plinth 'cosmetic job' after acquiring a specialised glue made for jointing wood. Found out the SELLEY's one is 50% much more expensive that another brand that I got (from Jalan Pasar). No nails/screw was required. After the 'glue' cured, it was as solid as nailed job!

One last bit to do is to replace the output cable. Plan to install a set of RCA sockets so that I can use an audio grade RCA signal cable to feed a good 'phono preamp"<--- this one coming up next, after finishing/completing a long queue of other stuffs to complete. One of them is GBY's Det'nator, then MDZ's jurassic phone. Hahahaha.

Next update with pictures....

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Minor Project - My TT 'upgrade'..

Have been putting this for quite a while but finally have a little 'bit' time to do the above.
Need to change the signal cable, this will definitely improve the sound as the built-in cable have aged.. and need to reinforced the plinth too, and to isolate the whole TT from external sound/vibrations...

More of this later... click the photolink for more pics...