Sunday, July 26, 2009

VSPS - Quick Update!

Have been burning in the 'new' VSPS for a couple of hours now.. A slightly better and more 'round' sound now as it's using better caps at the power supply side (the Nichicon MUSE).
Major surprise at few hours ago when junior suggested me to replace the current stock opamp, the NE5532, to LT1361 which he 'wrongly' bought..

Initial listening, I did detect some improvements in the low end(bass) department. After few hours has lapse it is apparent now that the bass especially mid and lower bass is much more tighter! Gone now are the 'woolly' bass of the NE5532... and the mid and treble are much more clearer as in more details are being heard. It is now as if I have a different/new set of LPs that I am playing!
Listening now at wee hours past midnight(0130 hrs to be exact) it is apparent to me now that this opamp has improved the VSPS SQ in leaps and bounds!
The imaging is more vivid with an equally improved depth and ambience.. The overall PRaT is totally awesome! I simply could not believe that it's the same vinyl that I have spinning for 25 years!


Swapping the NE5532 with the LT1361 is making the difference to the sound like day and night!
The best part is, the LT1361 can be acquired for FREE!
Best bang per buck upgrade ever..
Excuse me now.. gotta get more vinyls for tonite.. looks like I'm gonna loose some sleep this weekend.. ;)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

VSPS -Version 2

All laid out, ready to roll!

Start with the resistors.. all installed about to be soldered...

The completely populated board..

Close up of the VSPS in the casing minus the cover...

Pic shows where the VSPS is. Beside my beloved SL-2000, 'burning' it in for the first time...

Since I sold off the original VSPS board, I am missing my LPs/vinyls very much.. and a sudden urge drove me to grab my soldering gun and build the kit that I bought months ag..! :D
This so called version 2 has Nichicon MUSE electrolytics 100%!
Pics shows the progress of the built..
Was spinning few LPs moments ago... again and again, it's pretty obvious that nothing beats LPs/vinyls sounds..
More detailed review later...
Enjoy the pics..

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Desulfation project-preliminary report

Had some time to spare so I decided to wireup the desulfation circuit..
I had some 'success' for about 3 seconds when something went 'ccrrraaack!'
I jumped but no tripped CBs or blackout house! LOL..

Here's the pic of the damaged electrolytic capacitor, which is now replaced with the right 'working voltage' cap.. hehe..
Now leaving the battery for several hours.. maybe teh whole night tonite before attempting to charge it tomorrow... God willing...

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Not in the mood, again...

Last week bought some stuffs to build a lead acid battery 'desulfation' circuit. I have one 'maintenance free' lead acid that was left depleted for awhile and I was unable to get it fully charged. My charger goes hot with the voltmeter flicking vigorously after awhile. Since the battery is quite new, I guessed the battery has been a 'sulfation' victim. There is still hope yet (I think!)
This is from one of the threads in diyaudio.. still nothing has been done on top of my ldr attenuator among the few DIY that I have 'kiv-ed'..
This week someone close had passed away(no not MJ, but a someone in the family) hence more 'not in the mood' syndrome!

Will try to do something this week as there's gonna be a gathering planned on the 18th. ..