Saturday, January 24, 2009

My third turntable, the Technics SL-5

Currently this is my main player. 1st/main turntable, the Dunlop Systemdek has been out of action for some years due to the deteriorated tonearm, an Audio Technica At1100. Have not found a suitable tonearm replacement just yet. Got my second TT, a Pioneer semiauto DirectDrive that has been active till I got the SL-5 some years back. Has been 'collecting' dust for sometime until I completed the VSPS(Very Simple Phono Stage), curious about how the SL-5 would sound,after a stylus replacement, connected it to the VSPS and I am NOT going to disconnect it for now! Will post the review soon.

Some info about the SL-5:

Direct-Drive Fully Automatic Turntable System with Linear tracking tonearm (1982-83)

Type: Fully automatic
Drive system: Direct drive
Speeds: 33.33 and 45rpm
Wow and flutter: less than 0.05%
Absolute speed error: +0.1%
Rumble: better than -75dB
Tonearm: Low mass linear tracking

The wow and flutter of the Technics SL-5 was very low and the speeds accurate despite the absence of quartz lock. Shock was fairly well handled which is normal for a linear tracker, and it also behaved well on the feedback test. Well constructed and adjusted, the lid mounted tonearm possessed very good geometry and a low effective mass of around 3g - £119 HiFi Choice 1983

Thursday, January 22, 2009

2009 UPDATE!

Happy New Year 2009! :D
It is not too late I hope as It's still january!
Yeah I know.. I have been busy and not updating the blog as frequent and as much as I want to..
excuses, excuses.. hehehe..

Anyway,the T-Amp has been completed and I have moved on to other projects..
An STK hybrid amp, VSPS project and GainClone. Only the GainClone is yet to be completed.. waiting for some parts and time to finish it proper but I am taking my sweet time as I am currently enjoying the STK amp, with my newly completed VSPS phono preamp and my Technics SL-5 with a spanking new stylus that I bought from Singapore. LP/vinyl playing is much much more satisfying than CDs... Ooops I also did make a CD transport from a CDROM mechanism.. ;) More on this later..

Have fun guys! I know I am! :D