Monday, September 1, 2008

The T-AMp Project. Bi-Amping

After so many years in HiFi world,I will be taking the path to bi-amping. I made such a decision as the project made it 'affordable' and I have a pair of a very good quality speaker cables in hand. BTW, bi-amping is having separate amplifiers to drive (separately), the woofers and tweeters.. Major improvements to the final audio quality.. Let's hope so! Hehe..

Shown here is the back panel of my T-Amp casing, clearly showing the 8 speaker binding posts!

The normal red/black will be configured to drive the woofers, while the green/blue ones will be connected to the tweeters.

The T-Amp Project. New skills.

In the quests of fine tuning the T-Amp, I managed to DIY a toroid inductors to replace the existing inductors.. I use a 'ferrite ring'. The final ultimate inductor would be the air core type which I will be working next. Here's the coil in action!