Monday, December 2, 2013

A New 'Project' - Monitor Audio System R252.

Its December, finally I am doing something that I have put on hold for quite sometime. Elsewhere I have posted that the Monitor Audio is my second set of speakers I bought way back in 1982 when I was in Dublin. I was using it for awhile but upgraded to the amazing RTL3. It was used by my son until I gave him a pair of Missions!. So this set was put and kept aside for quite awhile.. about 5 years and survived an extensive major renovations to the house. And the reason why there is water damage to the speakers.

Chipboard and water don't mix! The water will be absorbed and the chips start to expand and rot... the affected area will be the bottom of the speakers and the back and sides. I have one side badly soiled. The drivers are fortunately still intact and plays beautifully when I tested it last Saturday. The sounds reminded me the good old times when I was in Dublin which prompted me to restore the speakers for old times sake.

I have taken some pictures and will document this process until completed. This is a preliminary posting, via a program found in Google Play... God bless Android! Till the next update...